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I have been working hard to get in and stay in shape over the past year.  One of the initial reasons was to be a better rider....




Tracey Speedmistress replied to Katie McKay's discussion Girls Ride 5/3/14
"Apologies Katie, was really looking forward to GR ride. Heading to Australia for a few weeks to help out a bent and battered biker mate who needs someone to push him around til his leg is healed. Sounds like just the job for me!"
Katie McKay posted a discussion
Kevlar Leggings coming soon!
GoGo gear asked ladies what they wanted, and now it is becoming reality!  I am so freaking excited about this, I can't wait!  What do you think?
Katie McKay replied to Katie McKay's discussion My hubby's s1000rr crash on the track
"It is crazy CeeJae, I didn't see it happen, but being in the pit as everyone comes in and seeing race control walk over to me was the worst feeling. He is doing great now thankfully. The bike was fully insured and he's shopping for a new beamer :)"
Monica liked Katie McKay's discussion Girls Ride 5/3/14
CeeJae Nicolas replied to Katie McKay's discussion My hubby's s1000rr crash on the track
"Oh wowsers! Sorry to hear about your man and I hope he's ok. I've seen my bf crash before and my heart just dropped so I know what you felt!!!"
Katie McKay left a comment for Lynn Alonso-Milner
"Whoot Whoot!  Congratulations!  "
Lynn Alonso-Milner left a comment for Lynn Alonso-Milner
"Finally have my first bike."
Katie McKay replied to Lovely Ladee's discussion Leesburg Bike Fest...
"Thanks Ladee, added to the calendar! Here is the Event Guide:"
Lovely Ladee posted a discussion
Leesburg Bike Fest...
Chello Katie and all women riders~My cousin text me a few days ago telling me about the Leesburg Bike Fest that's happeningfrom April 25 - 27.For more info here is the link:
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